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 Audition Notices

All auditions take place at Spotlight Theatre, 129 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA.

Inherit the Wind

Friday, September, 7th and Saturday, September 8th plus added date, Thursday, September 13th at 7:30 pm

Callbacks, if needed, will be on Sunday, September 16th from 2 – 4 PM.


By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

Presented by special arrangement with DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE. INC.

Directed by Pat O’Neill

Director Patrick O’Neill is looking for 20 actors, of various ages and genders, for the January/February 2019 Spotlight Theatre production of Inherit the Wind.

Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized version of the famed “Scopes Monkey Trial,” about a state law that banned the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Show dates: January 25, 26, February 1, 2, 3*, 8,9, 2019


Henry Drummond: late 60s, a bear of a man. Somewhat rumpled.

Matthew Harrison Brady: mid 60s, slighter, smaller than Drummond. Fussy in his manners.

Bertram Cates: late 20s, schoolteacher. Modest and unassuming

E.K. Hornbeck: late 30s to early 40s, newspaperman. Somewhat flashy dresser.

Rachel Brown: mid 20s, schoolteacher, daughter of a preacher. Shy.


Mr. Meeker: age optional, court bailiff.

Mr. Davenport: State’s attorney, 40ish.

Mayor: mid 50s

Mrs. Brady: mid 60s, very proper

Judge: age optional

Rev. Brown: 50ish, town pastor, very conservative


Howard Blair: 13-18, student (could be a girl with some dialogue changes)

Mrs. Krebs: 50ish, apparent leader of the town’s opposition to Cates

Corkin, Dunlap, a workman: age optional

Hot Dog Man (doubles as hawker, workman): age optional

Mrs. Blair: age 40ish, Howard’s mother

Elijah: traveling preacher (could be female with name change)

Sillers, a storekeeper: age optional

Mr. Bollinger: age optional

Photographer, reporter, Esterbrook: various journalists… all played by the same actor

Midlevel and minor characters will act as the crowd of townspeople in some scenes.

Interested actors should contact Patrick O’Neill at or at 610-809-1803 (text only!) for an audition appointment. No monologues needed. Sides will be provided.

Audition Form Link

TO SAVE TIME: Please print a copy of the audition form from the link above, complete it (please add name of show) and bring it with you to the audition. (Copies will be available at auditions for those who are unable to print it from the website.)

For more information call 610-328-1079 or email