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 Audition Notice

Auditions take place at Spotlight Theatre, 129 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA.

Inspecting Carol

July 23 and 25, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Director Josh Gosselin is looking for actors for the upcoming production of Inspecting Carol.

Show dates: Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 2017

Inspecting Carol

A Christmas Carol meets The Government Inspector meets Noises Off in this hilarious hit from Seattle. A man who asks to audition at a small theater is mistaken for an informer for the National Endowment for the Arts. Everyone caters to the bewildered wannabe actor, and he is given a role in the current production, A Christmas Carol. Everything goes wrong and hilarity is piled upon hilarity. Perfect anytime, this delight is particularly appropriate at Christmas.

All actors will be asked to perform cold readings from the script. The following parts are available:

Please Note: These are the playwright’s descriptions of the characters. They are being listed just as the playwright lists them – BUT – This DOES NOT mean each character could only be cast exactly as they are described here.

The role of Walter Parsons does have to be an African-American but does NOT necessarily have to be in his 30’s. The Role of Luther Beatty does NOT have to be an 11 year old but does have to play close to that age. Zorah Bloch – Founding director of The Soapbox Playhouse. In her 40’s. Extremely self-concerned.

Sidney Carlton – In his 60’s. A founding member of the Company. Kind but somewhat addled.

Dorothy Tree Hapgood – Sidney’s wife. In her 60’s. English and unable to lose her accent. A founding member.

Larry Vauxhall – ln his 40’s. Tough, intellectually vain Child of the ‘60’s, still looking for a turn-on. A founding member.

Phil Hewlitt – In his 40’s. Small, obsessive usually plays the ineffectual character in any Soapbox production. A founding member.

Walter E. Parsons – African-American in his 30’s. Recently taken up acting again after a stint in the armed forces. Good natured – excitable.

Luther Beatty – A large eleven-year-old. He’s.been playing Tiny Tim two years too long. Extremely friendly.

Kevin Emery – A nervous man in the impossible position of managing director. In his 40’s. Afraid of Zorah.

MJ (Mary Jane) McMann – ln her 40’s. A realist. She long ago realized that the Company hit bottom. She looks on now as a bemused observer. Founding member.

Betty Andrew – ln her 40’s. An inspector for the National Endowment for the Arts. A forbiding appearance. Bright red hair.

Bart Frances – A pleasant youth. Dresses in a motorcycle jacket and torn jeans.

Wayne Wellacre – In his 30’s, in search of a new career in acting, no training, less talent, affable, eager to please.

For more information call 610-328-1079 or email

TO SAVE TIME: Please print a copy of the audition form from the link above, complete it (please add name of show) and bring it with you to the audition. (Copies will be available at auditions for those who are unable to print it from the website.)

Promises, Promises

Auditions Sunday August 20th at 3:00 PM

and Monday August 21st at 7:00 PM

Show dates: Jan 26, 27 Feb 2, 3, 4, 9 & 10 2018

Please be prepared to sing a selection that highlights your vocal style. An accompanist will be present. You will also be asked to read from the script. All parts are available.

There will be some basic dance moves required for the show, but no dancing is needed for the audition.

Book by Neil Simon based on the screenplay The Apartment by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond.

Music by Burt Bacharach, lyrics by Hal David

New York City, mid 60’s. The musical follows a young, ambitious accountant for the New York insurance company named Chuck Baxter. Chuck climbs the ladder by allowing the firm’s executives to his midtown apartment for extramarital love affairs. Trouble occurs when Chuck discovers that the object of his own love, Fran Kubelik, is having rendezvous at his place with Chuck’s manager, J.D Sheldrake. We will be presenting the 2010 revival version which includes 2 added musical numbers.


Chuck Baxter – 25-30 baritone – Chuck is an ambitious younger man getting ahead by lending out his apartment to married executives. He is in love with Fran Kubelik, a waitress in the company cafeteria.

D. Sheldrake – 40-50 – Baritone –Sheldrake is the head of Human Relations at Consolidated Life. He is having an affair with Fran Kubelik. Sheldrake is the heavy in this story.

Fran Kubelik – 20-30 – Alto – Fran is the sweet, naive love interest of both Sheldrake and Chuck.

Mr. Dobitch – 40-55 – Dobitch is the first executive to borrow Chuck’s apartment. He doesn’t have to have a great singing voice, just be able to carry a tune.

Sylvia Gilhooley – 20-35 – Switchboard Operator – Dobitch’s Mistress.

Mr. Kirkeby – 40-50 – Another Executive. Public Relations

Ginger – 20-35 – Kirkeby’s Mistress.

Mr. Eichelberger – 40-55 – Another executive in the Research department.

Vivien – 20-35 – Eichelberger’s Mistress.

Dr. Dreyfuss – 50+ – Comedic role – Chuck’s next door neighbor. New Yorker – with a Yiddish accent.

Mr. Vanderhoff – 40-55 – Another executive in the Claims Investigation department.

Miss Kreplinski– 20-35 – Dental Nurse – Vanderhoff’s extramarital love interest.

Office Nurse/Singer 1– Alto/Soprano

Miss Olsen – 30+ – Sheldrake’s Secretary, and former mistress.

Waitress/Singer 2 – Alto/Soprano

Miss Della Hoya/Singer 3– Alto/Soprano

Night Watchman/ Eddie (Bartender)/Office Doctor

Margie McDougal – 25 – 35-Alto – Barfly – Comedic role. Chuck’s rebound pick-up.

Carl Kubelik – Fran’s large brother.

Young Man – 20’s


For more information call 610-328-1079 or email

Audition Form Link

TO SAVE TIME: Please print a copy of the audition form from the link above, complete it (please add name of show) and bring it with you to the audition. (Copies will be available at auditions for those who are unable to print it from the website.)