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 Audition Notices

All auditions take place at Spotlight Theatre, 129 Park Ave, Swarthmore, PA. All dates cover the same days of the week and times (unless otherwise noted): Sundays from 6-9 pm, Mondays from 7-9 pm and Tuesdays (for callbacks, if necessary) from 7-9 pm.

A Few Good Men

By Aaron Sorkin

Broadway Production Presented by David Brown, Lewis Allen Robert Whitehead, Roger L. Stevens, Kathy Levin

Suntory International Corporation, The Shubert Organization

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC

Directed by Jess Stinson

Sunday Feb. 9, 2020, 6-9 pm

Monday Feb. 10, 2020, 7-9 pm

Callbacks (if Necessary) Tuesday Feb. 11, 2020


Made famous by Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore, A Few Good Men is a court room drama, written by Aaron Sorkin, about military lawyers at a court-martial who uncover a high-level conspiracy in the course of defending their clients.

Director Jessica Stinson is seeking 13 men and 1 woman for this powerful work. All roles are open. No appointment is necessary. Headshots and resumes are not required but very welcome. You may download the audition form and fill it out ahead of time by visiting the link below.

Rehearsals: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7

Performances are in late spring over three weekends from June 5 to June 20.


Harold Dawson: Early 20s.

Marine who attacks Santiago. Believes in the importance of the code and the corps. Downey’s superior.

Louden Downey: Early 20s.

Marine who attacks Santiago. Believes in the importance of the code and the corps.

Matthew Markinson: 40s.

Marine with strong feelings about what happened to Santiago. Outranked by Jessep despite being older than him.

William Santiago: Early 20s.

Marine murdered at GITMO by Dawson and Downey. Was desperate to leave GITMO before this.

Nathan Jessep: 40s.

The highest ranked character at GITMO. A golden boy of whom bing things are expected by the corps. Believes in the importance of the code and the corps.

Jonathan Kendrick: 30s or 40s.

Marine at GITMO, and superior of Dawson and Downey. Believes in the importance of code and the corps. Believes God is always watching.

Sam Weinberg: Late 20s or 30s.

JAG lawyer, and Kaffee’s friend. One of the smart kids, and often tasked with keeping Kafee in line.

Daniel Kaffee: Late 20s or early 30s.

JAG lawyer know for settling cases out of court. Biding his time in the JAG corps until he can become a corporate lawyer. Son of a legendary lawyer and has big shoes to fill.

Joanne Galloway: Late 20s or early 30s.

JAG lawyer. The only woman in the show, and in a world of men. Takes her job seriously, but is perceived as a pain in the butt. All heart, but not much experience.

Isaac Whitaker: Late 30s or 40s.

JAG attorney, Kaffee and Sam’s superior, who is generally hassled.

Jack Ross: Late 30s or 40s.

JAG attorney and prosecutor in this case. A thorn in the side of Kaffee/Sam/Joanne. Very experienced and well regarded.

Jeffery Howard: 20s.

Same rank as Dawson. A key witness it what orders were given (or not) regarding Santiago. Model Marine.

Julius Randolph: 40s or 50s.

The Judge at the trial. Tough but fair, and understands the world of the Navy.

Walter Stone: Any age.

Doctor onside at GITMO who examines Santiago’s body. Struggles with meshing his morality as a doctor with his loyalty to the Marines.

Others: various small roles with some lines, but present a lot on stage. Will get the chance to play multiple parts. May be played by men or perhaps women.

We look forward to seeing you there!

TO SAVE TIME: Please print a copy of the audition form from the link below, complete it (please add name of show) and bring it with you to the audition. (Copies will be available at auditions for those who are unable to print it from the website.)

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