Improv Nights Season 72

MN Players/

Spotlight Theatre Presents


Down home country barbeque

Improv Night

Join us for another evening of improvisational theater:
funny, fast-paced, unscripted action!
Come early for the party, as we officially become
Spotlight Theatre

Saturday June 8, 2013

Party 7:00 pm Impov 8:00 pm

Admission: just $10.00 per person

Swarthmore United Methodist Church

129 Park Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081

The evening consists of a series of improv “games”. Click on a link below to see examples of these “games”.  Each clip is about 3-5 minutes.


BeastieGame — June 2012
Sing It — June 2012
Questions Only — June 2012
Emotional Family — August 2012
Helping Hands — August 2012:
Spelling Bee — August 2012

Improv Prius — August 2012

Check out a longer clip from a previous show

For more information, call 610-328-1079.