Monologue Slam


Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM

What is Monologue Slam, you ask? It’s a kick-butt competition where you go on stage with your most killer, fully memorized monologue, perform it for the judges and audience. Blow us all away and win a CASH prize for your awesomeness.


1) Monologues may be three minutes long MAX. You will be timed and cut off at exactly three minutes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2) Monologues MUST be from a published source: no original material is acceptable. It may be dramatic or comedic, but should be in good taste. NO VULGARITY, OK?

3) No props or costumes will be allowed. One chair will be provided, but NOTHING ELSE may be used.

4) To win, you must stay for the entire program. Winners must be present to win. The length of the Slam will be determined by the number of participants.

 Entry fee:

$15.00 if you register in advance. Contact Cindy Walton at (The fee will be paid at the door)

$20.00 if you register night of the Slam.

 Entrants will perform in the order they register. You’ll be informed of your time slot in advance. We want to be fair to everyone.
 1st Place: $100.00 plus season tickets of each of Spotlight’s 2014-15 shows.
 2nd Place: $75.00 and tickets to 3 of Spotlight’s 2014-15 shows.
 3rd Place: $50.00 and a ticket to any of Spotlight’s 2014-15 shows.
Just want to watch, its FREE!!