Improv Nights Season 75


Spotlight Theatre Presents

Improv Night

Join us for another evening of improvisational theater:

Stealth Tightrope 2Spotlight THEATRE’s

in-house troupe,

StEAlth TigHtRopE, performs an evening of

improvisational theater:

funny, fast-paced, unscripted action!

Friday , June 3, 2016

8:00 pm

Admission: just $10.00 per person

Swarthmore United Methodist Church

129 Park Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081




The evening consists of a series of improv “games”. Click on a link below to see examples of these “games”. Each clip is about 3-5 minutes.


Stealth Tightrope 2See Spot.

See Spot ask for your suggestions.

See Spot ruminate.

See Spot improvise.

See Spot pun, wisecrack, rhyme, sing, dance, fall down (on purpose…usually), get back up, dust off, and start the next game.

See Spot invite you (occasionally) onto the stage!

See Spot bring the noise (and guffaws and chortles) as part of STEALTH TIGHTROPE: the house improv troupe (and anagram) of Spotlight Theatre — providing fast, funny, unscripted action!

See Spot work with a safety net — even if it’s really just a vat of two-day-old macaroni and cheese.

See Spot wag a tail with euphoria at the sound of your giddy laughter and spontaneous, sporadic applause.

See Spot at Spotlight Theatre, other Delaware Valley locales, Facebook, and YouTube. Spot would LOVE for you to check out some funny links there!

BeastieGame — June 2012
Sing It — June 2012
Questions Only — June 2012
Emotional Family — August 2012
Helping Hands — August 2012:
Spelling Bee — August 2012

Improv Prius — August 2012

Check out a longer clip from a previous show

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